Mono amps 4 ohm stable?/Cost of high wattage

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Mono amps 4 ohm stable?/Cost of high wattage

Post by jsharper » Sat May 07, 2005 3:29 am

First off I think this forum is great! I would not be here if not for 2 M-1.0t amps I purchased. I have this old pair of original Amazing loudspeakers which I was planning to use in my system with these amps. I am now pretty sure a 4 ohm load is not recommended with these amps playing in mono. I was looking at other amps lately, some like the adcom 555 II and 565 mono's and the wattage does not seem as high as the M-1.0t. These amps will make my lights dim sometimes when playing music really loud, I know they have alot of power, but will they handle a low impedance.
Questions for the devoted Carver fans
How stable is the M-1.0t in mono into 4 ohms, has anyone tried it?

What can I expect to pay for a silver 7t, 9t or TFM-75?, would you choose these amps for the money?

I would greatly appreciate any advice ,Thanks for your time

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Post by DaveS » Sat May 07, 2005 4:40 pm

Check in the Buy sell trade section there`s a set for sale right now.

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