Reviews for Equipment other than Carver / Sunfire
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Post by maddmaxxx » Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:56 pm

-quote by last bros standing ;

I'm using:

carver pxm900
denon dp72 (not that it matters here)
bryston 1b
b&w nautilus bookshelf w/ b&w subwoofer

to test the difference between:

nakamichi mb-4s (purchased in 1990!)
against Wadia 860 with all of the software upgrades.

Max, at first the wadia sounds "louder" but when you dial the volume controls on the wadia down to 95 (instead of always having to turn them up to 100) there is no difference in volume. I listened to many types and styles of music for over 3 months. When Ron, the owner of the wadia, hooked everything up for me, we listened to both cd players for 3 or 4 hours and neither of us could tell the difference. We spent hours moving the speakers around and adjusting the subwoofer before a-b ing between the 2 players. Granted, my cables are old but both players sounded so good, you would have never known that cables were an issue.

hope this helps.


-***mark has NOT 'hooked-up his WZA ic's, yeti
-***i trust my bros 'ears' totally !!![even tho wadia is a Mi. company]
-***'ron', offered me the wadia at 1/2 retail[then said it was 'misplaced']
-***these guyzes have had mcintish/carver/krell and other 'gear' and both gents 'clean their bloody ears [50/50 hydrogen peroxide ans water, monthly
-***ron has a complete mcintosh system[w/my lil bros,'RIP', tfm35 and his 'elongated 'pyramid', 4'tall spks / brand ?], [my memory fades] and rotates his 'gear' to his liking
-***both have superlative 'situation rooms'[1 has wood flooring w/a room rug the other has a carpeted 'listening room']

-***they have NO REASON to fib, in there analasys
-***maybe not as great/good as mr OB1's reviews BUT had to post this e-mail
-***any body knows what spks my lil bros had??? [he bought them 1wk before he got 'terminated', PTL]...and ron is a rough guy to 'get ahold off

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