VMPS LRC center channel speaker

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VMPS LRC center channel speaker

Post by jimw » Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:35 pm

I picked up a lightly used LRC with the FST and megawoofers based on the fact I liked the VMPS towers the 1st time I heard their super tower series back in the day and their new line with the mid panels and ribbon tweet was calling my name. Figured I could get my money back if I didn't like it.

Well, I like it. I'm using it with ALS Plats up front and al3's in the rear.

It was very easy to dail in to match the plats with the mid and tweet pots on the rear of the speaker. Did some down and dirty measurments with REQ wizard and a dbx mic and the low tech charts confirmed a nice match.

Power for all 5 speakers is a modest 200 watts @ 8 ohms from an Adcom 5503 for center and rears and a 5500 for the front l/r.I'm not using a sub and the VMPS is crossed over at 80hz. It keeps right up with the carver ribbons. I sit about 11' back from the front speakers and my most off axis seats are the same distance back and 6 feet to either side (was never any good at trig so somebody tell me what that angle is!). Sounds great at the bad seats and dead center. Now if you had extreme side seating you would notice some nasties. But then you would have a viewing problem at that point as well.

It's the least box sounding box I've heard to date.

The bad - It's big and heavy. Still needs to be crossed over to a sub or large l/r. The woof mid tweet woof layout does cause some issues as you move off axis. I'd like to try a 629r standing vertically and see if it was more stable off axis. Uh oh, I see a search for a pair of used 629's starting!

Would I still prefer an ALS as a center? Uh yea! But that's never gonna happen unless I hit the lottery and buy a bigger house. And if that happens the ALS's might be in trouble.

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that's the one!

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