Lightstar Direct XLR Outputs - Low Gain?

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Re: Lightstar Direct XLR Outputs - Low Gain?

Post by snow » Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:41 am

BillD wrote:Am I missing something here?
DaveS wrote:Unbalanced Output

The balanced signal inside the Lightstar Direct is converted to a unbalanced output by a precision instrumentation amplifier with a DC servo circuit to minimize DC offset. This circuit also provides 20 dB of gain to the signal. However, there are two internal mini-link jumpers that can be changed to reduce the gain at the unbalanced output to 0dB (see instructions for changing the unbalanced gain on page 12)
Seems to me that this answers it all. The unbalanced is 20 dB up from balanced (that's over 3 times louder in watts, folks). TO make them equal, those mini-link jumpers need to be changed (probably described on page 12 of the manual).
You are correct Dave in the fact it does make them equal but not equal by getting the extra gain. Actually you would think this would be the case, but it's not, the only thing changing the jumpers around does is to reduce the 20db gain on the unbalanced outputs to match the 0db gain on the balanced outputs so they operate at the same level. The reason I know this to be true is I changed them around and this is what I experienced. I belive the only way to match the 20db gain output normally put out with the unbalanced outputs is to mate it with a Lightstar amp that has the 20db gain switch on it. Personally I prefer the sound of the unbalanced outputs versus the balanced anyways so this is not an issue with me.


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