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Post by OBI56 » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:30 pm

RichP714 wrote:
OBI56 wrote:Rich, I remember way back that we custom packed odd shaped stuff by covering it with plastic sheeting big enough to mold around it and just past the box edges, then using some self expanding foam (like the stuff sold in spray cans to fix air leaks around windows) to fill the cavity between the plastic and the top of the box and finally putting a second sheet of plastic on top so the foam couldn't get in contact with anything else. Solid, crushproof custom fit and cheap. Better than foam sheeting, packing peanuts or even bubble wrap.
One of the amps I got off ebay was packed that way (usung 'great stuff') except he had enclosed the whole thing inside a solid block of it; I had to cut it out! great idea though
Rich, the proper way to do it in that case is 1 sheet of plastic at the bottom and sides of the box, Great Stuff, another sheet of plastic that ou rest the amp on by squishing it in a bit, another sheet of plastic on top of the amp, more great stuff and finally one last sheet of plastic. That way you get a custom fitted box with 2 reusable packing foams.
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