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CM-1090 CD Direct from remote




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CM-1090 CD Direct from remote

Good evening all! Finally getting back into really messing with my Polk speakers and Carver CD player and CM-1090! So much fun! I'm busy replacing capacitors in SDA-CRS+'s and just got a nice pair of Monitor 5B's to use while I'm working on the SDA's. Woo-hoo! Then, I'll do the same to them! Also just refoamed a pair of Boston Acoustics a40's... wow, they sound REALLY good for such a light, little box!

Anyway, so, I'm trying to keep the WAF level high enough to keep "playing" around with the speakers. To that extent... Does anyone know if I can control the CD Direct button remotely? I have a Logitech that lets me control every darn thing else... even the holography. Seems like I MIGHT be able to control the CD direct, as well. Basically, when I forget to turn it off, the wife gets a little upset, as she turns on the TV and there is no sound.

Now, I've trained her to push the glowing orange button... but still, if I could control it from the remote...

I've got the RH-75 and I think an RH-5... no button on those remotes for CD Direct... help!

Thanks a bunch!


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R.I.P. Friend

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Re: CM-1090 CD Direct from remote

Not familiar with that particular model; sorry! Perhaps someone with experience in that model will be along shortly~

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