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1.5t Power supply/guts



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Post Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:15 am

Re: 1.5t Power supply/guts

Snoop65 wrote:Check and see if 1.5t and PM 1.5 share the same power supply. I see a few for parts PM 1.5's on Ebay from time to time. Sorry you got burnt.

That is a good idea - I will check on it. THANKS!
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Re: 1.5t Power supply/guts

Sorry this guy ripped you off! I bought a pair of Tannoy subs from a douche bag - they were in mint condition cosmetically, but I have a feeling one of the unit's amps was faulty (I ended up getting a replacement amp for the TS12). Sucks to do business with people like this.

In any case - I own a 1.5t myself and Rolland assured me that you can't pick up replacement transformers off the shelf, you'd need to take them from a different unit. I think the idea of referring to a PM1.5 is spot on.


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