Post Thu Mar 31, 2011 6:14 am

Re: "Tube" Roadshow?

skip wrote:
frenchguy wrote:I would like to try some different ones, not sold on the amperex I put in my 390t yet

Try Jan Phillips, or if you can find them, Telefunken. I like the RCA/Jan Phillips in my C-19. Haven't had a chance to try the Telefunken, but I've heard glowing reviews of them.

Yep-- the tele smoothplates are the ones--it's all about synergy--I took thoise same teles and popped em' in my phono,,and they were a bit too "clinical" for me,,now if you pop in a nice phillips,,amperex you get that midrange bloom that they are noted for--sometimes you just gotta roll tubes to find the right ones,,fun and surprising,,like Forrest Gump would say,, Tubes are like a box of chocolates,,you never know what you're gonna get.With all that said--I'll bing my stash of 9 pins,,if anyone wants to roll tubes and hear the differences. Wayne should have a handfull of nice Amperex 6922's by the time he rolls into the fest--he should be able to attest to their sound in his CD players,,maybe he'll bting some, since a very kind,but somewhat grumpy old guy helped hook him up. :-"