Carver Amps...which one to buy???

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Re: Carver Amps...which one to buy???

Post by elgrau » Sat Oct 29, 2011 1:50 pm

Dreamer posted:
"Cables are going to be KEY though, because of the impedance issue, and because the SL3s are tremendously revealing. You need "fast" speaker cables. The best cables I've EVER heard (and I owned some for a while) are Nordosts."

You'll be happy (?) to know that those wires are soon due back from the factory where I had them modded from bi-wires to bi-amp/bi-source capable, Dreamer. I'll be using them to bi-source from the Sunfire 300x2. I might have been able to do these re-terminations myself (and saved the $25x8 = $200 fee for this service that Nordost charged me), but my logic was that if I did it, no matter how well it looked I'd always have doubts that all the "pixy dust" had been properly applied, etc., and from experience I know that "not knowing" in audio can drive you crazy...! Plus now if I ever sell them (rare 6M Solar Winds with bi-amp capable terminations), I can say that the terminations were ALL factory done. I know I'd never buy any that were "hand modded".... And will look just so much better than trying to run two sets of wires to each speaker...and sound better I'm quite sure as well!
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