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Carver amp passed away!




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Post Sat Dec 31, 2011 3:39 pm

Carver amp passed away!

Hi all, Happy New Year to everyone! It's been awhile since I posted anything. Just wanted to say that my 20 year old Carver TFM-35X died on me and I decided
to put it to rest. It also for the second time in 11 years blew out a tweeter in a speaker. This one is a little costlier than before. My Paradigm studio 100's from 10 years ago. Paradigm
no longer makes the diaphram for it so I had to send the tweeter up to Paradigm for repair. Back to the amp issue. I had my eye on the Parasound Halo A21 for a couple of years
now. Although I do have a backup for the speakers and amp. Mirage M7's came out of their boxes for only the second time in 8 years and my Anthem MCA 50 amp that i just use
for Center and surround speakers now was hooked up for my main stereo channel. These amps have no punch for two channel usage. So the other day I finally broke down and called Audio Advisory
about the Halo A21 amp. I was looking at the salesman to give me some convincing information on or what I already new about the A21's to make up my mind. Well I went ahead and purchased the
amp for $2,299.00. The saleman's name was Joe and he had alot of knowledge on this amp and on the Carver amp I have. Upon buying the amp I asked Joe if he could give me a better deal on this amp
and he said he was not aloud to discount this amp so he thru in a $100.00 Pangea upgraded AC cable. Man, this thing is huge, I never had a AC cable this big before. This amp is also huge! At low volunm
this amp was clear and sounded sweet with it's class A mode and upon cranking with the class A/B mode kicking in it seem to send this amp to a hole new level. These amps are by far worth the price,
if only I had my studio 100's working I'm sure it would have sounded a little better than the Mirage's M7's did.


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Re: Carver amp passed away!

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In reality, it only matters what it sounds like to YOU!!!



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Re: Carver amp passed away!

"I asked Joe if he could give me a better deal on this amp
and he said he was not allowed to discount this amp..."

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Garage: TLM-3600 CDP to MXR150 Receiver (pre) to TFM-42 to EPI 400 speakers.


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Post Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:02 pm

Re: Carver amp passed away!

Of course not, he already made the sale so why would he? :D :D Parasound is a great company, many fine products, congrats! =D> =D>
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