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Bob Carver Fiction

Post by OconeeOrange » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:01 pm

I like and have respect for Bob and his thoughts on audio. In Sept I can ask him this question, but he does not do email any better than I do telephone.

In his many amp manuals he covers things like biamp, biwire, and etc.
We have recently had a good discussion going on I'm a Fucking Asshole as to his "current" and "voltage" out puts and how to use them.

Most speakers have just two input posts. My $4K Def Teck have/need just two as they plug to power for the low end. On the other end, I have great Sunfire and Polk speakers that have four posts. I have a set of Polks that have a mix and you can do stereo from just one speaker - excellent!

Bob's manuals cover all that.

What if you had three speaker posts available? One for the low, one for the mid, one for the high. That sounds like a dream, but how would you hook it up?

There are many ways in a perfect world, like three amps.

In our/my world if you just had two amps, not three, ???
- but they were Bob Carver amps with "voltage" and "current".

You could just mono block.
You could just sent one amp to the low end and the other to the rest.

Could you send one amp to the low and with the other use "Voltage" for the mid and "Current" for the high?

For this discussion, lets skip the "what ever sounds best" as this is just theory/fun.

If you had a speaker with three posts and two SunFire Stereo amps to power it, how would you hook them up?

--in theory of course.

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Re: Bob Carver Fiction

Post by TNRabbit » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:02 pm

In that situation, I would tri-amp with THREE Sunfire amps~

I've never preferred the Current Source, so don't use it.

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Re: Bob Carver Fiction

Post by jjptkd » Fri Mar 15, 2013 3:41 am

TNRabbit wrote:I've never preferred the Current Source, so don't use it.
I'm glad we feel the same way.
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