a return to Carver - a M-500t on the way

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a return to Carver - a M-500t on the way

Post by donberry » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:59 am

I needed another amp like I need a hole in my head, but surfing around I came across a M-500t and C2 on ebay with a buy it now of $275.00 - sorry, I am not sure how to use the url - http://www.ebay.com/itm/200949375723?ss ... 1439.l2649

I have owned the TFM-35 amps and always liked them, forget why I sold them. I have been thinking about picking up another TFM-35 or 45 and have been occasionally perusing the ads for a decent deal for one.
On this one, I was actually searching for a CJ or a Levinson amp, not even sure how I came across it, but when I did own my TFM-35 I always thought I wanted to try out the M-500t...........and tho I am amp "heavy" at the moment, it just seemed like a pretty decent deal to me if it is as advertised.

Of course I do realize it will need to go under the soldering gun, is actually what led me here once again as I guess I need to start looking for the schematics and any technical updates they may have on them.

Not sure if I want to go the MKII route yet. I guess I need to check into what all is involved. If he does all of the cap replacements etc, I may be better off just going that route.
I am pretty decent at replacing components, but I know on the TFM-35 , while I could and did do it, it was just a little harder to get to things then on an amp where I just pull out the amp boards.
Hmmmmm, guess I should change the thread title to MKII - yea or nay....:)
problem there is the time as it seems December is the next available date.

hmmmm, great, I get a headache when I think too much :-s
anyway, I am happy to once again be a Carver owner. I myself have always been a fan and think they get a bum rap by many who really don;t know much about them....but that is a different never ending thread I imagine.
sorry for the rambling

Can't wait for it to get here.

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