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Post by m1.5tman » Fri Mar 19, 2004 5:06 am

I have owned cd players from Carver, NAD, Technics, and Pioneer. In AB comparisons, I have not been able to hear any REAL audible differences between them. My Carver and NAD have gone out the door due to reliability issues. The Technics sl-p770 and Pioneer pd-tm2 (16yrs and 12yrs old respectively)have performed flawlessly for me. Both are LOADED with features.
As for the m1.5t caps, I'm gonna save my pocket change and send it in to Sunfire for my own peace of mind.

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M1.5t & CD Players

Post by Joe.Rutledge » Fri Mar 19, 2004 4:15 pm

A couple of comments about the 1.5 amp. In its day it was quite an amp. It is also about 20 years old now plus or minus. Parts are becoming an issue. For instance, when I sent my unit in, Sunfire informed me that power supplies are no longer available, and while they can replace the caps, they are replaced with a modified assembly, as the original type parts are no longer available. (I am still waiting to hear whether it was a power supply causing noise, or the caps - I hope the caps). Rita indicated replacement would be done only if the caps tested bad.

On the CD player front, it may be useful to know there is no magic there also. Carver, NAD and others simply contracted major Japanese firms to make their players. In most cases it was an OEM player with a Carver/NAD faceplate with little or no difference from another player the Japanese firm marketed. I am not saying these were not good players. Just providing info. For instance, the Carver TL3220 18bit player was nothing more than a Toshiba 18bit player with the addition of the Digital time lense circuit tapped into the board (and of course the front panel). It was a very good player - in fact, Toshiba never imported an 18bit player into the states under their own name (it was sold only in Japan). I happen to know because I worked for Toshiba in those days, and hi-jacked (paid cost for) the TL3220 when it was imported. We also sold players to NAD. So did other major Japanese firms. If you were familiar with the related (manufacturer) product line, you could probably identify the root manufacturer of the unit by the shape and configuration of the remote control. So I am not saying Toshiba made all of Carver / NAD and others - that is not the case. Many of the Japan, inc. companies made OEM products for American audiophile firms (and I am not saying that the more lunatic fringe high end firms did not get more involved in design or manufacture of CD players - I am talking more of the "mainstream" firms like Carver/NAD).
So on the CD/tape deck front it is largely an issue of does the styling matter (I like matched components). But you are still dealing with an older product which will have parts supply issues, especially in the more esoteric of the Carver products which added a tube section to the player (it probably still used a lot of standard parts from one of the majors).

In main stream consumer audio in general (somebody is going to disagree) there is little meaningful change year to year. But when you start talking about 5 or 10 years that is different. There is no doubt in my mind that a very good quality CD player made today (not bargain basement) sounds at least as good as a better player from yesteryear. Most mainstream (Japanese companies, for instance) electronics manufacturers only stock the majority of parts for about 4 to 5 years. After that they focus on failing parts (or common parts), and as soon as there is no demand for an older model the custom parts are scrapped. So you are left in a situation that if a common part breaks (cap and resistor) it can be fixed, but if there was a custom IC made for a unit you are SOL. So from a parts standpoint, if the player was based on a Japanese or whatever unit that sold zillions, then some of the more unique parts may be available. If the player was based on a unit that did not sell that much comparitively (such as my TL3220), unique parts are definitely an issue. And of course, cosmetics are a problem. Frankly, it is mostly based on the fact that people throw out a broken 5 year old CD player (even if it cost them more than 200/300 bucks) rather than fix it because the cost of the repair rivals/exceeds a new player. In fact, people tend to throw out 2 or 3 year old consumer audio before getting them fixed. So there is little to no demand for (custom) replacement parts. Oh well...

Got wordy again, hope this helps more than hurts,
Joe O:)


Post by George » Fri Mar 19, 2004 6:46 pm

Echoing most of the sentiments above. I am the original owner of a TL-3300 cd player, and while I didn't have reliability issues, I didn't think it sounded as good as the Euphonic Technology modded Magnavox 650 I owned for awhile (till it died a few months ago).

The Carver designed power amps are great items, albeit some are getting a little long in the tooth. I have several, and have had a couple others that I don't own anymore. I don't think the C-1 pre is all that bad. The C-16 or C-19 was the top of the Carver designed pre's and was a tube affair. It was from 1990 or so.

The hologram circuit is compatible with surround sound. The hologram generator processes or works with the difference between the left and right channels, and will not do anything at all in the way of processing if fed a mono signal.

Like the individual who posted before me, I too "hi-jacked a Carver product. I got the Platinum Amazing Mk.IV's delivered to my door for cost, which was $1,156 for the oak finish.

The TX-11a tuna is real nice, and was one of the things I got brand new from the military BX system, at probably cheaper than Carver cost. When the BX decided not to stock Carver products anymore, they slashed the already low BX prices on remaining stock in half, and in some cases even less than that. I got a brand new TFM-42 for $125, and a brand new C-11 preamp for $106.

Cerwin-Vega speakers are absolutely terrible.

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Post by govcon » Sat Mar 20, 2004 1:09 pm

Some comments about high end CD players. As the others have said, many high end manufacturers use parts from their Japanese counterparts. My Classe CDP .3 is an example of hybrid parts. The transport mechanism is a Philips mechanism but all the electronics are custom Classe. If any of you have looked into a Classe component, you can attest to how well constructed and a work of art the layout is in there.

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Post by londonbarn » Wed Mar 24, 2004 7:03 am

just an idea regarding cd changers, a used onkyo"integra" dx-606/909 6 disc changer can be picked up for dirt these days. it is well built (23 pounds) already sounds pretty good , but with the savings can be modded by maybe dan wright or someone like that , with a new master clock and power supply, maybe up grade caps from the already decent nichicons, who knows maybe internal wiring , iec plug. bybee filters? on and on. dont want to get carried away, but you could clean and tighten up the sound to make it probably the best cd changer around. and mine is very reliable, have it with me in all of my world travels. it also has a nice headphone amp built into it. and to echo george: cv speakers are pretty damn crappy.

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