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Post by George » Sun May 02, 2004 9:50 pm

TX-10 Tuner
AM suppression ratio - 62dB
IF Response Ratio - 75dB or greater
Spurious Response Ratio - 80dB or greater
Capture Ratio - 2.5dB
Useable Sensitivity - 14.3dBf
50dB Quieting Sensitivity - 18.3dBf
S/N @ 65dbf - 78dB
Alternate Channel Selectivity - 66dB
Limiting Sensitivity - 10.3dBf
FM Distortion (mono) - 0.15%
Muting Threshold - 25.2-34.7dBf
Output Level - (75Hz dev.) 220mV
Frequency Response - 20Hz - 15kHz +1dB
Stereo Separation - 1kHz/40dB, 100Hz/42dB, 10kHz/30dB
Stereo Distortion - 0.25%

I'll dig around for the C-4000 info.

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