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Post by Marakanetz » Wed May 26, 2004 7:33 am

One of the main reasons to have this preamp is excellent MC phonostage but the line gain of this unit seems to me too high.
I need to know how to tame this gain(inside the box) or make it user-adjustable since I only can use the volume knob upto 8:30. Upto 9:00 the listening level goes upto 96dB. Also I'd realy love to have some balanced outs in my unit i.e. true-balanced outs.
Previousely I've been using McCormack Micro Line Drive preamp with great success but my phonostage didn't provide enough gain to feed preamp and so not enough gain to pass to low-sencitivity Symphonic Reference amplifier, hence lows and mids suffered during the analog playback while digital was substantially better than my previous more expencive Manley tube gear.
The other reason to tame the gain is that if I go for higher volumes the mid-freequencies become to dominate a-little above the bass ones which I havn't experienced with McCormack. Hence IMO, if the gain is to be set lower, I'll benefit the linearity throughout the whole volume bandwidth.
These items I've brand new(does break-in counts in Carver's gear or it's just a high-end gimmick?) and the warranty will probably void if someone will make mods to preamp.

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