AL-V Speakers

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AL-V Speakers

Post by Big Nate » Tue Sep 07, 2004 12:13 pm

I know that the creator of these speakers is/was attempting to work with Bob to get them produced, and I can only assume this is a long and painful process. Allow me to suggest an idea....

Instead of trying to market then as AL-V's how about selling them as Carver upgrades. I believe the unit uses the same 48" ribbon as the AL-III+, if that's the case I would welcome an opportunity to buy the new speaker enclosure, woofer and crossover as an upgrade "kit". All the customer would have to do is remove their existing ribbons and install them into the new cabinet.

You could even market the kit in two levels, the first for customers who want the added power of a 12" woofer and new enclosure styling. Now the second level/tier would have the customer removing their existing ribbons and sending them in to be rebuild with this new ribbon material which is support to be stronger than the previous and able to handle more power. The customer would then in turn receive the new speaker enclosure, woofer, crossover and the rebuilt ribbons.

Tell me what you think Toymaker.
Big Nate from Chicago

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