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bridging Carver TFM-15CB to ONKYO receiver...


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bridging Carver TFM-15CB to ONKYO receiver...

I've always loved Carver audio equipment, although I've never had the luxury of owning any myself. I currently own an ONKYO TX-SV414PRO Tuner/Amplifier which pushes only 60W per channel at 8 ohms. I'm looking at a new pair of speakers and will need more power. I've found a Carver TFM-15CB amplifier in great condition and at a good price. My questions is this: If I bridge the ONKYO via the mono port (which is the only out jack, except for the video and monitor jacks) how will this affect the signal to the Carver? Also, being that my receiver/amp is a HTS, how can I use the Carver amp without negatively affecting the surrond sound effects? Although an aspiring audiophile, I am a novice at this point and time. Thanks in advance for any comments and/or advice.


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Post Tue Dec 07, 2004 9:56 pm

You can't bridge the Onkyo receiver for mono operation, so forget about that. You can SELECT mono coming out of it, but it will be 60wpc mono.

The step up to the TFM-15 is a small step in power and I think would be hardly noticeable. Save your money until you can get a 150+wpc stereo power amp and then you might have something going you can feel and touch.

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