surround modes and how they process signal

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surround modes and how they process signal

Post by smak » Mon Nov 28, 2005 10:48 pm

i recently purchased a carver ct-17 that the origional owner lost the remote foe. a few weeks ago i got a universal remote and had it programmed for all the origional remotes commands and now have full functionality of the unit..

this has allowed me to use the rear channel outputs for my sub-woofer opposed to splitting the front L/R. (volume was was down for rear output when i purchased the preamp)

i was wondering what the "hall" and "simulate" modes actually do to the output of the rear signal.

i'm looking for a setting that will match front L/R output to rear L/R if thats possible. or find a setting that modifies the signal the least.

so far "simulate" mode seems about right.. one setting has a 20ms delay which i've avoided (dolby i believe).. havent given the "hall" setting a fair shot yet but plan to eventually.

thought i'd post here to harvest some comments/suggestions.

i have definatly noticed a difference in sound quality from when i had the front output split.

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