Post Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:42 pm

Question: Carver HR-875 Relay problems

I posted this also in the Home Audio area because I really dont know which forum my Tuner/Amp falls into. I have an HR-875 Tuner/Amp that the sound cuts out frequently on all channels, but not always at once. Sometimes the rears will die, and sometimes the front mains will start cutting out. You can hear the relays clicking in unison with the loss/return of sound. Sometimes they all go quiet. I opened the amp up expecting to see the zettler relays that everybody talks about for these units, and instead i find Takamisawa relays. Can anyone tell me what relays this unit originally used and possibly where to find them. If I can get the proper relay info I should be able to get them from digi-key or Also, is this a common problem with this unit? I have been reading a lot about this being a common problem with other Carver Tuner/Amps from the same manufacturing era as this one. Thanks for the help