Help me build a system

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Help me build a system

Post by ParisMatt » Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:52 am

My trusty Carver amp/receiver finally gave up the ghost after twenty years of service, so it's time to re-evaluate my listening / viewing habits and build a system around that. I probably listen to 95% of my music via MP3 and 90%+ of my TV viewing is via .AVI or similar. My current set-up includes an iPod connected with an RCA cable for audio and an Iomega Screenplay for TV.

But technology has moved along so much since I last bought something that I'm lost about where to start. Here's what I'd like to do with my system, ideally with as few boxes as possible:

- Watch .AVI files on my television, ideally stored directly on the device (and wirelessly). Right now I use an Iomega Screenplay to do this, but this has to be lugged upstairs to the PC and loaded via a USB cable. I'd like the same functionality but with the ability to store stuff wirelessly. Need at least 1.5TB storage, but ideally more than that with room to grow.

- Listen to MP3, again ideally stored directly on the device. I'd like a solution that doesn't involve having to turn on the TV to select a song, which I think rules out a Media Center PC. Maybe something like the Squeezebox (although this relies on external storage, as I understand it)?

- Listen to AM/FM radio

- Amplifier

- Needs to connect to my existing devices via RCA jacks: TV audio, CD player, DVD player, tape deck, etc

I live in Europe, so ideally I need something that runs on 220V and connects to a TV using a SCART cable.

Let's say budget < $3000 for everything.

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Re: Help me build a system

Post by TNRabbit » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:34 am


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