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Re: Surround Speaker Suggestions Wanted

Post by packratt » Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:35 pm

I wouldn't say money's no object, I was thinking couple hundred max. I'd love to use a pair of CRS-3s but I've got to be realistic, the amp isn't powerful enough for them and they are considerably out of budget.

I'm almost more interested in DIY than factory made. This would be my first set of speakers but I am a woodworker and I'd fit the speakers in with the building of the cabinets for the house. I always like the feeling when completing something I haven't done before. I just don't know what designs will work well with the power restrictions the amp has.

I like the little speakers angelod307 made ... ers002.jpg but the rear channel doesn't have enough juice to pull the ribbons and I don't know how the imaging from the ribbon would work if that speaker, as built, was used in a horizontal orientation and 75 watts is also below the minimum for the ribbon.

Here's a DIY I found that looks interesting ... uniors.pdf

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