Carver Plasmas available

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Carver Plasmas available

Post by poohsan » Fri Jan 19, 2007 9:01 pm

Apologies if this is bad form - the latest partsexpress sales catalog has Carver Plasma TS441 surround and center speakers for about $90/each. I have slow mail so this may be very old news to most of you by now- just mentioning in case it helps anyone.


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Post by Dreamer » Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:58 pm

Those are actually just regular "cone-driver" home theater speakers that Carver had made by some Asian outsource company. You can get them on EBAY for a lot less than $90/each.

They look a lot like the Accurian speakers that Radio Shack sells, and in fact, may be the same speaker. They have the same dimensions, and the driver configuration is the same.

I haven't heard the Carvers, so I can't say what they sound like.

I have heard the Accurians. Unfortunately they were being driving by a crappy little receiver in a Radio Shack at the mall, so it was hard to say what they really sonded like, but they weren't bad. I'd need to get them hooked up to good amps in a decent listening area to really offer a valid evaluation.


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Post by tfm75 » Wed Jan 24, 2007 4:31 pm

Sure any self respection Carver fan will know that these are not of the Carver fame but honestly how bad can thay be. Maybe for a bedroom or garage system. I've seen some people get these for the opening bid of 0.01 cents + shipping. My son needs speakers and no loss if he destroys them. ;)

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Post by treitz3 » Wed Jan 24, 2007 4:32 pm

In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to a good analogue reproduction.

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