Post Tue Sep 04, 2007 3:18 pm

Any Chiro C-802 owners ? Need Help

I have question regarding Chiro C-802 Processor.
I just paid $450 for it & runing to problem with DTS/Dolby Digital mode.

When I try to by pass on my rempote control pass Pro Logic and use DTS or DD it won't change it?
It shows only Pro logic mode on the screen of the pre amp.
I can only use Stereo, Pro Logic & mono mode but not Dolby Digital.
I tried to re boot the pre amp as the manula say, but with out any luck
Also by pressing THX button nothong changes? also Bass button is not doing thing?
Not sure what is wrong with it or waht I am doing wrong.
Love to hear from somone who owns one of thsose unit.
I know thsi is Craver side ( I have pair of AL III+ I run with my Chiro components, but I might find somone with same unit.