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Post by Lasareath » Sat Oct 20, 2007 10:15 pm

TNRabbit wrote:Lasareath: I absolutely LOVE Allison Krauss (I think skip shares my fascination with her)...she is da BOMB! I think her best song ever is "Oh Atlanta"'s a true test of your system played LOUD.

Your cat looks like it enjoys your music selection, too!
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Post by snow » Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:07 pm

Welcome to the carver forum Sal. Lots of good peeps here, as you can tell theres lots of us Polk Folk here.


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Post by shadowofnight » Sat Oct 27, 2007 2:08 pm

Lasareath wrote:
Dreamer wrote:Very nice system. Your're rebuild of those Polk SDAs is fantastic!

I always wonder, when I see speakers like those when you first bought them, what sort of idiots must have owned them before? I've had my Sequels for over 10 years, and there is barely a scratch on them. Then you see these Polks--expensive speakers in their day--and they were trashed--ripped grills, scratched wood--damaged drivers--and you wonder how people who were so careless with their possessions ever collected enough money to buy speakers like that new?

Anyway, they look great, and being driven by Carver amps, I bet they sound great too!

Hi Richard, Thanks for the welcome!!!

Yeah, it was a lot of work to get those polks like that. But I wanted those speakers for like 20 years, So it was well worth it ;)

One of my cats stratched the right Passive Radiator and ripped the Butyl rubber surround. Those drivers have not been made in over 15 years. I was so lucky to find somebody who bought two in 1993 and had them stored away since then. I bought them, put them in and mounted two doors and sealed off my living room. no more cats in the living room!


It's funny....I sold my Polk 1.2tl's back in 93-94ish....had those radiators in storage since then.....sold the radiators to Sal ( Las) ....then a couple weeks later I get TWO pair of mint SRS's ( There is 4 more 15" radiators ) ...let a friend of mine take the second pair....then last week pick up a mint pair of Polk 2.3's...another pair of 15" that weird or what ?

During the last month or so also picked up 2 pairs of Silver Seven t's , along with numerous other vintage Carver components
...been a very good last couple of months...I told my wife I was done ;)

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Post by engtaz » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:56 pm

Another good video from Sal. Welcome


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Hey you

Post by baddfingerz » Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:40 pm

Careful...these guys can be pretty hip, slick and cool (and dangerous)
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