C-1000 Questions...

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C-1000 Questions...

Post by paulc » Mon Aug 16, 2004 2:47 pm

First, gotta say I'm bummed. Got my C-1000 only 3 years or so ago and haven't had much occasion to question much, but now I do and I find they are apparently totally kaput! Supposedly, Bob Carver was working with the company, lending advice, designs. I thought the C-1000 was going to be a start of great things once again.

Anyway, I just ran into something that had me actually pulling out the manual. Of course, Carver was never known for manuals, and this manual was pretty damn poor (there no explanation at all about what anything in the unit's display really mean). I could find less than nothing about my "issue."

Anyway, I'm feeding it with a Pioneer DVD player. I just burned a DVD, tossed the source files from my computer because the DVD worked and just got around to sticking it into my DVD player (the DVD played just fine on my computer). No audio.

Somehow it seems the audio is mpeg2 encoded. The System Status display SAYS it's mpeg. There's a little light on the display panel that says mpeg in a red box. There's also a red 2 in a little red box that is blinking.

For the life of me it seems the unti KNOWS all about such encoding. So what aren't I hearing anything? FWIW (although I don't think it has any impact) I DO have both analog and optical outputs from my DVD player to my C-1000.

Can anyone help?

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