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Re: speaker cable

Post by OBI56 » Tue Sep 16, 2008 2:30 pm

I have tried it several times Frankie and the results can be either positive or negative depending on which speakers I use and where they are positioned in the room. There are cases where I actually do prefer the results with the thinner gauge wire, especially with speakers tht have limited low end response or that are too tight in the bass but usually I tend to prefer the results with bigger gauge wire and the increased dampening they allow. I'm not even going to attempt to discuss all the other factors involved with speaker wire selection other than to say that if there were just 1 perfect sound there would be only 1 kind of speakers and 1 kind of speaker wire to address every possible taste in sound.

Whatever works for you is the right choice.
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Re: speaker cable

Post by Dreamer » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:37 pm

TNRabbit wrote:WOW~ I NEVER thought I would hear Dreamer recommend plain 'ol wiring for speakers....

I'll bet Satan is shivering right now...

:lol: :D :D

For rear or side speakers in an HT setup, I have no problem using non-esoteric wire. Those speakers aren't reproducing anything that terribly critical, tend to be speakers that aren't capable of high-res reproduction anyway, and besides, they are usually run at VERY low levels, and all the bass info is filtered out by the HT processors anyway. So the wire isn't terribly critical, simply because the sound being reproduced in those speakers isn't that critical to the experience--it is just mostly directional cue info.

Heck, for my rear speakers (the Scenarios) I use some Phillips 16ga "zip cord" that I bought at Big Lots. But then again, I only use the rears for listening to movies, NOT for critical music listening. I've been seriously considering getting some of that cable you use, because it DOES sound pretty good for this application. If only they made the stuff in white or ivory--SAF, don'cha know...

Now for multi-channel SACDs, I'd say it's a LOT more critical what cables you use for rears and sides, AND the speakers would be more critical too.

But anyway TNRabbit, your setup at CF was VERY nice. And you already KNOW what a huge fan of the Minimus 7 & 77 I am. I will admit that I was pleasantly shocked at just HOW good they sounded in your multi-channel setup though. It's amazing what great amps can do for the sound of these little speakers.

I've actually been thinking of building a sort of Frankenstein Line Source speaker, made of half a dozen Minimus 7's on each side, stacked on top of each other, with maybe a ML Script off to the side, and a quad of Sunfire Super Juniors for bass--sort of like a poor mans Martin Logan Statement E2. now THAT would turn some heads at CarverFest, I imagine...

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