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Re: Advise please - Carver M500t, 1.5t and Magnepan Speakers

Posted: Wed Feb 04, 2009 11:22 am
by SteveFord
Velly well.
The 1.6s are tremendous speakers and one of the great bargins at the moment are IIIAs. Either one would be a good choice.
As for amps, I'm using an M1.0t Mk. II.002 for the IIIAs, an M500t Mk. II for the 1.6s and an M500 Mk. II for the MMGs.
You can't go wrong with too much power for these speakers.
If you're going to stick with Carver, go with the Mk. II upgrade. A rebuild will be cheaper but you'll miss out on the extra power which the Maggies really need to sing.
Sunfire products are another option.