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Ct-17 Input selector problem


norman ramsey


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Ct-17 Input selector problem

My CT-17 has an input problem. The 5.6 volt supply for the input indicator is not there. The source is on the FL828 board out of the cathode of D455. The voltage does not arrive at D410. I re-soldered the junctions around the components around the supply. The voltage came back up. I started re-assembly of the preamp by installing the FL828 then checking the voltage and to my surprise it was gone again. I have been unable to locate the pc board trace that carries the 5.6 volts to the connector (ps829). I have not located the trace and my first thought is the board is multilayer and want someone to tell me if it is, I will run a jumper. Don't want to do that unless I'm sure.


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Post Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:21 am

Re: Ct-17 Input selector problem

Welcome, hopefully someone is familiar with your pre's issue.

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