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Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3




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Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3

Hello all looking at buying my first cavrer/sunfire product.
I'm looking to buy a good head unit(receiver) I was looking at buying the grand theater processor 3 for my home use. I see there's a grand receiver 3 not know which one I should go with I figure I would ask for a little help from you all. I'm a music junkie that like's all kind of music. Watching movies with surround sound ect.... any help would be great


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Re: Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3

Welcome to the forum!

The Sunfire TGP III is a good preamp. I have the original TGP and it does stereo and HT very well.
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Re: Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3

Welcome Rick!! =D> =D> The Theater Grand III processor has no built in amplifier, its a separate preamp where the Ultimate Receivers have a built in 200x7 amplifier. The receivers are excellent for home theater but not quite as good for music as separates. Price is typically double to run separates (or more) so its really a matter of how much you want to spend. I my self use the original Ultimate receiver in my theater room and have a TGP-III and Cinema grand 425x5 for my main stereo. If you can afford separates, go for it, you won't be disappointed.

There's a few different receiver models, the original uses the same processor as the TGP-III, the Ultimate Receiver II uses the TGP-IV processor and the TGR-3 (Theater Grand Receiver 3) uses the TGP-5 processor. The built in amplifiers don't really put out a full 200 by 7, all channels driven, closer to 75- 100 watts but in 2 channel they put out an easy 250-275 x2. Hope this helps and good luck!
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Re: Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3

Yeah!!! What he said ^^^ Welcome Rick!!!
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Post Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:40 pm

Re: Newbi and with question grand threater processor 3


I have a TGP III and use it for HT & 2 channel. I'm using a Sunfire 5400 amp also.

I find the TGP III to be as fine a pre as I've ever heard. I bought a C-19 under pressure form the "tube people" and after Rita did her magic to it I A/B'd it with the TGP III. I found no benefit from the tube C-19.

Don't get me wrong, the C-19 was great but I sold it because it simply wasn't (to my ears) any better than the TGP.

The TGP is DEAD silent and very neutral no matter the source.

I guess I've made a short story (Buy a TGP III) long but thats my .02

Good Luck.

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