M400 rebuilds and repairs

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M400 rebuilds and repairs

Post by unclepauleverybody » Thu May 30, 2013 7:35 pm

Hi all 1st post here. I bought a carver M400 right after I read the review in Stereo review back in the day. Well I just picked one up for 75.00 and am wondering if it worth fixing. I tried to bring it up on a dim bulb tester but I think you need a variac? Antway when turned on the lights jump up and the 2 bottom lights stay lite and it buzzes, can not remember if this is normal or not. So I pulled the front cover off and is the mag coil supposed to be covered in a black substance? Is it burnt or is that the way it is supposed to be. I would think if it was that burnt wires going to it would be melted. Anyway what would be the safest way procedure wise to see if this is healthy. Thanks in advance.

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Re: M400 rebuilds and repairs

Post by jjptkd » Thu May 30, 2013 11:11 pm

=D> \:D/ =D> Welcome aboard!! \:D/ =D> \:D/ The bottom 2 lights should be on when the amp is powered up but there shouldn't be any noticeable humming. Is the humming coming from the transformer or through the speakers? :-k
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