Power conditioner

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Power conditioner

Post by surdo » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:57 pm

In these parts, power failures are sometimes a daily occurrence, especially in summer when there are many electrical storms. Power surges are common - we've had some cable equipment break in the past here in our apartment. Just about everyone uses a power conditioner on home theatre equipment and a no-break is essential for desktop computers. While I wait for for a Sunfire Signature stereo amp to arrive to put in a small studio I'm building, I've been investigating getting an affordable power conditioner. The models here generally include surge guards and line filters.

Just did a search on conditioners together with carver amps and found this in an old thread on another site:

"And remember, Bob Carver highly recommends plugging his amps directly into the wall outlet and to never use a power conditioner or god forbid a power strip. He believes they will not be able to supply the current peaks when needed."

I wonder if anyone here has any comments on conditioners and the environment here?

If I do go ahead and get one I'll need to find one that can provide sufficient current. Could someone please confirm that my reasoning in the following is correct (I know very little about electronics):

The sunfire sig. 600 has a max power consumption of 1800W. Here we have 220v power and fortunately the amp I'm receiving is a 220v model. So unless there's some scaling factor involved this means the amp can draw a maximum of 1800 / 220 = 8.2 amps. The power ratings for power conditioners are given in kVA and a model I'm interested in getting has a rating of 2.2 kVA. I think that means that it can provide 10 amps (2.2*1000/220 = 10) - and that this should be sufficient for anything the amp would require (and I'm never going to
drive the amp very hard). Is this correct?

I'm moving house shortly and I'll also consider getting an independent mains line put in for this new studio.


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Re: Power conditioner

Post by TNRabbit » Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:53 pm

Makes sense.

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Re: Power conditioner

Post by F1nut » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:19 am

IMO, a good power conditioner should be able to pass 20 amps, but more importantly, not limit current.
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Re: Power conditioner

Post by surdo » Mon Feb 24, 2014 6:16 am

220v AV power conditioners are hard to come by as most of the big cities are 110v. There's a model with a 220v version and a 110v version that is vaguely affordable - the 110v gives 30amps but the 220v version gives only 15amps. I guess an amp is an amp in this context or would the requirement be lower in a 220v system? This unit is more than double the price of the 220v/10amp unit that I described earlier.

Here is a pdf of the 30/15amp model: http://upsai.com.br/Imagens/pdf/audio_video/acf3100.pdf

the smaller 10amp model is here: http://upsai.com.br/Imagens/PDFs/av/acf_2500.pdf


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Re: Power conditioner

Post by fill35U » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:25 am

F1nut wrote:IMO, a good power conditioner should be able to pass 20 amps, but more importantly, not limit current.
@F1Nut- Please forgive me if I don't understand your comment: How could something "pass" required current, but at the same time unacceptably limit it? Are you considering the OP is using 220V, not 110V? Or do you set the bar at 40 amps for 110V equipment? :-k

Everything limits current, to one degree or another. A rule of thumb (and often specified or codified) for voltage drop is no more than 5%.

I recall on one CF video, in the Q&A Bob said any conditioner is fine, even for one of his amps, as long as it was rated appropriately. He cautioned, as has been mentioned here already, that appropriate conditioners aren't as easy to find.

@surdo - Sounds good to me. And when in doubt, go bigger!
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