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Post Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:30 pm

Dave, scroll up to TFM75s comment on Dreamer's solution which I also came up with while I was editing my response. You only need the MCT if you have a MC cartridge.

Preamp = box with knobs and switches
Phono Preamp = circuit that amplifies the phono cartridge and equalizes it to RIAA specs. Can be internal or external for pre-amps not equipped with a phono stage like your Lightstar
Pre-pre-preamp or MCT = 10db step up device ONLY needed for Low Output MC cartridges
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Post Fri Feb 01, 2008 3:22 pm

Now that James Van Dyke put quieter op amps in my C-4000 phono section, I use it as my phono input to my Sunfire (rather than the Sunfire's). I also use the C-4000 as a can amp. It also takes the output from my computer through an external DAC.
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Post Fri Feb 01, 2008 9:24 pm

I use the phono stage from either my C-1 or C-19 for vinyl. The tape output feeds Lightstar, and all is right in Ray's TT world 8) The tape loop on the C-19 is gain and tone free if used in the by-pass mode.


Its going to be used equipment when I sell it, so it may as well be used equipment when I buy it.

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Post Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:03 pm

-the ONLY time i've needed TT 'blk boxes' are w/MC carts[the hi output ones too]

-never yeti, w/MM carts

-heard that some recievers[amp, tuner, pre= combined], had 'falsified' phono inputs[read manual]
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