Can an M-500 power 2 sets of 901 speakers?

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krazy kev
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Can an M-500 power 2 sets of 901 speakers?

Post by krazy kev » Mon Jan 05, 2004 7:19 pm

I heard that the amp would handle 2 set of 901 speakers without harming it. I heard that it just drops the ohm rating from 8 to 4 which would make it put out more power is all? Anyone able to give an answer? I would like to run 4-901's off of this amp if I can BUT I do not want to harm it. I have the amp matched with a C-! preamp. Thanks.

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Post by waveform » Fri Feb 20, 2004 10:04 pm

Lots of guys were buying those 900's overseas due to the claim they could take anything you could pump into them. However, they just seamed to reach a maximum level and then just emit more noise. (I never liked them myself). I have heard that the 500's can pump a 2 ohm load; however I would caution that we are talking about almost 20 year old technology now. I have an M-500t amp and C-4000t pre-amp pushing Infinity Kappa 8.1's from B&O BEOGRAM CD 7000, BEOCORD 5000 tape and B&O linear turntable with a TX-11a tuner. My amp cuts out a lot after heavy jamming, even with a fan blowing on the top of it (and that is a major source of aggravation. My suggestion would be to bi-amp or bridge a couple amps if you don't have separate high/low binding posts on your speakers like mine do. (I still need a second amp myself) I believe any amp has a kind of "sweet spot" of range whereas anything towards the top end output is basically just adding more distortion, clipping, noise, etc. (I.e. just because the knob keeps turning doesn't mean it is necessarily a good thing...) Of course, some equipment may be engineered around this.

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Buy another m400t!

Post by daviton » Sat Feb 28, 2004 7:26 pm

matadoor1 wrote:I have a set of 901's powered by a M-400t and must say that they eat up every watt that it can pump out.

I think trying to run 2 pair of them might be asking that amp to do a tad too much, at least to make them sing at any decent level.
asking that amp to power two set's of 901's would be killing it guy! just buy another m400t(or another carver amp)to power the other pair. i have the series 6 901's myself.....great speaker's i might add,but had to retire them back to their box for my new set of magnepan mg12 speaker's.i would also suggest that u look into buying a MORE POWERFULL carver amplifier such as the m4.0t or TFM-42! try finding one on ebay....they're there for the buying guy....good luck. david

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Post by Tour2ma » Tue Mar 02, 2004 2:47 am

Could it... yes, if you're sensible in the spl you're trying to achieve. But overall I would tend to agree with daviton as the only reason to add another pair of 901's is to try to get a more than sensible spl boost.

Add another 500...

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